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Sierra Leone: Kenema Hospital Undergoes Toilet Rehab

The Kenema district development mission, a group of Sierra Leoneans based in the United States, has commenced the rehabilitation of the deplorable state of the toilets at the government hospital following persistent cries from patients and members of the public for the facilities to be improved.

Chairman of the group, Francis Samba said as Sierra Leoneans and natives of the district, it should be their responsibility to always come to the aid of the community, especially on developmental matters.

He said the toilet condition, as reported by the hospital management, has been appalling, thus making it compelling for them to intervene and solve the problem.

“We are currently residing in the USA but we are very concern about the health of our people and the community. The toilet project, which is worth about Le7 million [US$ 109,000], will greatly benefit members of the hospital; we will continue to help whenever the need arises,” he said.

[...] Medical superintendent, Samuel Sesay [...] assured the group that the toilets would be properly maintained.

Source: Abrahim Abdulai, Concord Times / allAfrica.com, 27 Jan 2009

Afghanistan: medical waste poses health risk in urban areas

Solid waste produced by the health-care system in Kabul and other major cities is not being properly managed and poses a serious public health risk, according to health experts.

Medical waste – including used needles and syringes, soiled dressings, body parts, diagnostic samples, blood, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and medical devices – is lying in open rubbish dumps near hospitals in urban areas.


Afghanistan does not have bylaws on the safe management of medical waste, and over 60 public and private hospitals in Kabul do not have incinerators or other equipment to deal with the problem.


At least seven children involved in scavenging in Herat Province, western Afghanistan, have been infected by hepatitis B, syphilis and suspected cases of HIV, the Children Protection Action Network (C-PAN) reported.


Officials at Kabul Municipality also reported at least two suspected cases of hepatitis B among city cleaners in September.

Related web site: WHO – Healthcare Waste Management

Source: IRIN, 14 Oct 2008

Australia: Hand washing in doctors remains poor

7th August 2008, AUK Staff

Hand washing amongst doctors remains poor according to results of an Australian study. This is despite both local and national education to promote the benefits of having clean hands when seeing patients. Doctors have come out worse than other healthcare professionals in their adherence to keeping their extremities free of germs. (…)

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Cote d’Ivoire: Clean up campaign for hospitals

ABIDJAN, 31 March 2008 (IRIN) – Hygiene in most hospitals in Cote d’Ivoire is so low that the ministry of health has launched a nationwide clean-up campaign. […] The director of public health Alexandre N’Guessan said he believed that most of the infections occur because medical waste has not been properly disposed of as health workers are not following established norms.

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