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Sierra Leone, Freetown: photographer documents extreme sanitation conditions in Kroo Bay slum

He then asked me: you want to know the truth? We’re all suffering here in Kroo Bay. He began talking about the water issues again and showing me his arms with open sores, “you see these, they move at night” – he was talking about the worms in his body.

Photographer Dominic Chavez spent a week documenting the life of communities in Kroo Bay, one of the worst slums in Freetown, Sierra Leone. He writes about his encounters in the summer 2010 issue of Global Health magazine, a publication of the Global Health Council.

[A]fter meeting a wonderful family who lived underneath a small bridge in Freetown. I was surprised by the amount of raw sewage and the lack of clean water. After visiting this family a couple more times they told me there were communities in Freetown much worse.

This was when I first heard of Kroo Bay, a difficult slum filled with good families and shanty structures overrun with garbage, extreme sanitation issues, and a long list of health conditions due to the lack of clean water. Some of the biggest issues they are facing are polio, ringworm, typhoid fever and malaria, not to forget a high incidence of child malnutrition.

Kroo Bay, Freetown. Photo: Dominic Chavez

In Kroo Bay, Chavez saw some of the worse conditions he had ever seen: homes without with dirt floors, no windows, no doors and roofs that provided no shelter from the heat and rain, and children “digging in heaps of trash and pools of blackened water”.

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Pakistan sanitation album on Picassa

This album by Tariq Jahangir has 230 photographs covering solid waste, public toilets (including school toilets and mosque toilets), wastewater, drains, sewerage, wastewater treatment plants, and hospital waste.

Mosque, washing hands,arms, face, feet before prayers  Hygiene sanitation for muslims  five times a day
Mosque, washing hands, arms, face, feet before prayers Hygiene sanitation for muslims five times a day. Photo: Tariq Jahangir

India – Contest to award photo coverage of sanitation

To commemorate the “International Year of Sanitation – 2008,” the Water and Environmental Sanitation Network India (WES-Net India) and its constituent member organizations, UNICEF, WaterAid; Plan India, invite photojournalists working in newspapers and magazines across India to take part in a photo contest on themes related to sanitation. Entries must be received by April 15.

To be eligible, photojournalists are required to publish photographs with captions relating to the following sanitation themes: Sanitary facilities (rural/urban); sewerage systems; hygiene behavior; river pollution issues; solid waste disposal; and wastewater management.The photos must run for a period of one week beginning on world water day, March 20.

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