South Africa – Operation Deep Clean for Schools

Making bathroom hygiene a way of life among hundreds of schoolchildren has been the challenge facing brand activation specialists Zinto Marketing Group, as it uses its industrial theatre skills to activate Operation Deep Clean in 60 schools around greater Gauteng.

Operation Deep Clean is a joint initiative between Steiner Hygiene and Kimberly Clark Professional that teaches kids the essentials of bathroom hygiene and encourages and incentivises schools to maintain clean, hygienic bathroom environments. Participating schools compete for bathroom makeovers and products from the sponsors.

Link to the complete AllAfrica article

2 responses to “South Africa – Operation Deep Clean for Schools

  1. I have seen the write-up in the newspaper and wondered if you could visit our school please.

  2. Dear madam/sir
    I am a learner at ST.MARYs HIGH SCHOOL situated in the North West province i read your above article and i would like to request to enter the competition to win a sanitation make over for my school.At my school the sanitation areas are not working.please send me the details

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