India – sanitation and healthy child care

Sanitation is an essential component of healthy childcare. However, young children do not have good sanitation habits. Germs may abound not only on the toilet seat and flush handle, but also on the sink, trash can lids, and door handles. Children contact germs on their hands, and then spread them from their hands to their mouths as well as to toys and other children. Many diseases such as hepatitis A, hepatitis E, typhoid fever, and giardiasis are spread through the fecal/oral route.

Proper hand-washing is the first step in sanitation and disease prevention. Teach children how to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and running water. Adults also should wash their hands after assisting children with toileting.

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One response to “India – sanitation and healthy child care

  1. sanitation is the prime concern for indian childs. esp with the dirt factors and villages forbidden from toilests. a healty sanitation a healthy child

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