Honduras: Poverty and Sanitation

Poverty and Sanitation: An Analysis of the Linkage between Poverty and Basic Sanitation in Honduras, Water Sanitation Program, 2008.

This document presents an analysis of poverty levels mong rural and urban households of Honduras and their access to sanitation solutions. It identifies key spects for improving services and contributing to ector policies, strategies and investment plans that arget the poor. The analysis is based on a broad eview of available documentation and data.

This study shows that the low income population in Honduras is mainly rural (74%) and that the rest resides in urban areas (26%). The highest levels of access to sanitation services in cities corresponds to household connections to piped sewerage networks, but this option mainly serves the non-poor. Only 31% f the moderately poor and 12% in extreme poverty in urban areas have achieved access to sewerage networks.

Link to the report (pdf)

One response to “Honduras: Poverty and Sanitation

  1. inspite of so many developments , its shame that we stioll lack the basic ammenities like sanitation. something shld be done ,

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