Pakistan – Diarrhoeal diseases cost country

ISLAMABAD: The diarrhoeal diseases are costing Pakistan Rs 55 billion to Rs 84 billion annually, as 91 million population – 74 million in rural areas and 17 million in urban areas – lack access to improved sanitation in the country, said Caretaker Minister for Environment Syed Wajid Ali Bukhari on Tuesday.

He was addressing the inaugural ceremony of International Year of Sanitation (IYS 2008).

Bukhari said 1.5 million under-five children died every year in the world due to diarrhoea, of which 88 percent deaths were due to lack of sanitation and adequate water.

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2 responses to “Pakistan – Diarrhoeal diseases cost country

  1. Making open defication free villages , may not be the right intervention to start with.
    Leaving filth in the corner room (toilet) for 12-24 hours and throwing out via scavengers, or flushing out pour latrines and mixing this untreated water with fresh canal/ river water and passing down stream is only shifting the bad effects to others.
    Let us start from treating this domestic waste with viable technologies, and have a long lasting solution.
    M Jahangir

  2. I am tootaly agreed with Mr. M. Jahangir that Making open defication free villages , may not be the right intervention. this is just eye wash program.
    Nazir Ahmad Wattoo ASB Faisalabad

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