Opportunities for Sanitation Marketing in Uganda

In October 2007, a team of consultants from the Hygiene Improvement Project (HIP) visited Uganda to determine if sanitation marketing would be a viable approach in Uganda, and to make specific recommendations to HIP and the donor community that would move the sanitation marketing agenda forward. This report presents the key findings and recommendations stemming from the trip.

The overarching conclusion is that sanitation marketing is both a viable and needed approach to increase sanitation uptake among rural households in Uganda. The team based its assessment on an analysis of the policy environment, formative research, and local-level conditions concerning Uganda’s rural household sanitation sector.

Download the publication here

5 responses to “Opportunities for Sanitation Marketing in Uganda

  1. As a consultant Engineer actively involved in hygiene and sanitation promotion in rural areas, I would like to state that the above findings are absolutely true. Ugandas biggest problem is not lack of money to change things, but lack or knowledge and ignorance of the rural folks on how to better their sanitation situation. A good sanitation marketing will be welcome in Uganda. Some of us are on ground ready to help. Joel Aita Managing Director JOADAH CONSULT

  2. kaligidha moses

    As a third year student of Makerere University who did a research on waste management in Iganga Town council, what was found out is exactly what i found out from the research i carried out in Iganga Town council. There is still a great need to educate rural people on sanitation issues.

  3. Peoples’ cultural norms and vallues are very much prohibiting some societies to practice sanotation and hygiene activities how ever much alot is done by Health inspectors to help but still people show negative attitudes, and ifs by enforcement, people are too political they just riot and can even be-witch you a health worker. Whats your on-sport action that can be implimented to save peoples lives and save finances? thax


    All said above are true for particularly communities in LDCs and Uganda is no exceptional. However, being one of the WASH implementing team on the ground, i would think any San-Marketing Technologies should integrated/promote environmetal and economic attachment to motivate the visibly seen reluxed,lazzy and yet poor communities. Facilitator of WASH, IWRM- J.O.Y Dilling Del. Church.uganda.

  5. Cagiea is social enterprise in Uganda. We were motivated to take up the opportunities explored the by the report on sanitation marketing in Uganda Our products include but limited to Public toilet guide which distributed in buses, schools , guest house and professional toilet cleaning and other toilet consultancy service. we welcome any co-investor here in Uganda.
    We wish convert the findings of HIP into business while helping the East Africa communities and visitors to enjoy improved sanitation.

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