Kenya: World Bank to Launch Handwashing with Soap Campaign

The World Bank is set to launch a public health and sanitation programme in the country to curb diarrhoea related diseases.

The project dubbed Hand Washing With Soap (HWWS) has already cost the institution $50,000 (Sh4 million ) in a baseline survey and will be launched in September this year in selected towns across the country.

Speaking in Kisumu during a workshop attended by public health officers from various districts in Nyanza province, the country hand washing co-ordinator, Mr Rufus Eshuchi, said that most diseases like cholera and diarrhoea infections were at a high rate due to improper hand washing behaviour in several household.

Read More – Business Daily, Nairobi


2 responses to “Kenya: World Bank to Launch Handwashing with Soap Campaign

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  2. I am glad to find your website. It is interesting that the new “related entries” setup on actually does lead to related websites and posts.

    I have been working in remote Alaska communities. In the Yukon and Kuskokwim Deltas, our communities resemble many of the small island developing states.

    Sanitizers — Handwashing mentioned above may be useful to your readers.

    I would like to encourage readers to contribute songs useful for children to time their handwashing. See
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