Kenya: Kibera’s Bio-Latrine

By Francis Ayieko, Nairobi

(…) Mary is a beneficiary of a new technology referred to as bio-latrine technology, which uses human waste and water to produce gas for lighting and domestic cooking – just like the biogas system. The gas is harvested from modern latrines that have been constructed in the slums with funding from the French government.

(…) DURING A RECENT official opening of one of the ablution blocks in Soweto-Kianda village in Kibera, Kenya’s Prime Minister Raila Odinga hailed the project, saying it would bring to an end the shame of using “flying toilets” – disposing of human waste by wrapping it in polythene paper bags and throwing it away. (…)

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The East African (Nairobi)


One response to “Kenya: Kibera’s Bio-Latrine

  1. I am happy for the Kenyans who benefit from this project. This is a technology that provides advantages i.e. safe disposal of human digestive waste and the production of gas for household use. I am glad that I contributed to the writing of the proposals for this project. I got the information through Innocentive, a consortium that proffers solutions to challenging issues. This project was to be funded, as I read in the announcement in Innocentive, by the Rockefeller Foundations and was meant for Kenya. The excitement to proffer solution to this laudable project using cheap locally obtainable materials [as stated in the announcement] made me go for the challenge. I had a high expectation on the proposal I submitted and looked on to the result on the challenge. I am however sad that the awardee of the challenge was never announced by Innocentive till today. Or may be the awardee was announced in another way different from the one that is commonly seen in Internet. This incidence raises doubt on such solution outlets and set-ups and certainly dampens one’s morale on such adventure that involves putting in all you have i.e. time, energy, knowledge, information and money. The genuineness of such set-up is somehow uncertain. I still would wish that Innocentive indicates the awardee for the challenge.
    Meanwhile I appreciate the Foreign governments, the Foundations and NGOs that have been kind to help out in those African countries that need real help. I say Kudos!

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