South Africa – Ecotoilets worm their way into many hearts

NON–FLUSH, totally organic and self-emptying portable toilets which make use of hungry earthworms are being made in Knysna.

Knysna entrepreneur Adrian Wilson-Forbes said two test toilets at the Pezula resort had been operating successfully for the past seven months without any need for servicing.

This self-sustaining ecosystem houses earthworms in so-called worm houses made from recycled plastic in a container below the toilet bowl. The worms gobble up the solid waste and recycle it to produce compost.

Wilson-Forbes said: “The solids sit on top and are digested by the earthworms, which multiply or decrease in number according to the amount of food available.

More – Herald Online

3 responses to “South Africa – Ecotoilets worm their way into many hearts

  1. Very interesting. Whether such earhtworms are available in India? If not, from where it can be obtained. What is the toilet design?

  2. Using worms for composting (vermiculture, vermicompost) is quiet popular in India. See for instance the web site of the M.R.Morarka-GDC Rural Research Foundation –
    or search on vermiculture india in Google.

    Double vault urine-separation vermicomposting toilet systems have been installed in India by the Navsarjan Trust ( in Gujarat – see

    For more information on ecosan visit:

    Cor Dietvorst, IRC

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