UK: Boris Johnson calls on London businesses to open their toilets to the public

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson today, August 12th, called on businesses across London to open their toilets to the public to help ease the problems caused by the lack of public lavatories. The Mayor wants every London borough to sign up to the Community Toilet Scheme, which provides businesses with small grants to open their toilet facilities to the public. The scheme is already running successfully in several boroughs. (…)

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The Community Toilet Scheme was started by Richmond Council in 2005.  You can find out more at including a full list of participating businesses.

Figures in this release are from a London Assembly report – “An Urgent Need”. The report can be found at

2 responses to “UK: Boris Johnson calls on London businesses to open their toilets to the public

  1. I think the Community toilet scheme is a great idea and I think more Councils should sign up to it. I live in Leytonstone and there are around 6 shops that have signed up through Waltham Forest Councils scheme. It is great to see a mixture of businesses joining, such as pubs, coffee shops and McDonalds, although it is a shame that bigger names such as Tesco’s have not bothered joining. I think it is a poor show when a company like this does not support a local scheme or the community!

    Jane Brown, Leytonstone

  2. Carolina Simmonds

    I am really shocked that Tesco’s have not joined the scheme. They have great toilet facilities and already let the public use them, so why would they not want to join! Seems mad to me!


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