Bhutan, Gelephu: mosquitoes breed in delayed sewerage system

Stagnant waters fill the trenches dug all over town and pipes lie along the roadside. Gelephu’s modern sewerage system, aimed at improving hygiene and sanitation and controlling mosquitoes in summer, is now helping to breed mosquitoes.

[The sewerage system] was supposed to have been completed on February 4 this year but got delayed because of the unavailability of sewerage pipes, the heavy monsoon last year and lack of manpower, according to Gelephu municipal officials. The deadline was extended to June 4, but this time the unavailability of the master pipe [of the required quality and price] is the cause of delay.


Meanwhile, Gelephu residents are not only concerned about the delay but also with the cost of getting connected to the network. Gelephu residents will have to bear the cost of connecting their private houses to the main sewer line, unlike Thimphu and Phuentsholing residents where the connection was done free.


In the first phase of the DANIDA-funded project, Nu 26 million was being spent to lay a network of underground sewer lines in the core area of the town to connect 350 households to the sewer network.


The sewer network will flow into a Nu 34 million treatment plant, that is being constructed below the vegetable market, about 400 metres from the Indo-Bhutan border.

Source: Tashi Dema, Kunesel Online, 24 Jul 2008

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