Millions to benefit from UK-Dutch water and sanitation initiative

Millions of people in Africa and Asia will be provided with clean drinking water and decent sanitation thanks to a new joint initiative from the UK and the Netherlands.

Announcing UK support for the “Framework for Action”, DFID Minister Gareth Thomas spoke of the need for greater progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) on water and sanitation.

The initiative, which was launched on 24 September at the United Nations High-level Event on the Millennium Development Goals in New York, will allocate £5 million (6 million Euros) over five years to an annual report and high level meeting focused on reviewing progress. The first of these meetings will be held in 2009 and convened by Unicef.

A further joint Dutch-UK commitment was made of £85 million (100 million Euros) over the same period to help up to 20 poor countries develop and implement their own national water and sanitation plans.

Source: DFID, 25 Sep 2008

Other committments made during the”One World One Dream: Sanitation and Water for All” event at the UN High Level Meeting include:

  • Japan  – establishment of a Water Security Action Team for Africa to provide safe drinking water for 6.5 million people and implement a water supply capacity-building program that would train 5,000 people over the next five years;
  • Tajikistan – hosting the International Freshwater Forum in 2010;
  • The Netherlands – providing access to safe drinking water and sanitation for at least 50 million people by 2015 having already signed various agreements that will benefit almost 30 million people, at a cost of around €1.3 b;
  • Germany will continue to train Central Asian water experts.

Source: UN High-level Event on the Millennium Development Goals : Committing to action: achieving the Millennium Development Goals : Compilation of Partnership Events and Commitments, 25 Sep 2008

2 responses to “Millions to benefit from UK-Dutch water and sanitation initiative

  1. Our head office is in Tinto,Upper Banyang Sub Division,South West Province Cameroon.
    We have the honour and respect to Appeal and solicit for your assistance,this is to enable us, improve on the quality and quantity of life (living standards/livelihoods),amongst the Rural masses (supra)
    Our propose project is on Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion.
    We are an International humaniterian/Philanthropic NGO, RENDERING Altruistic services to Mankind, with particular focus on the Rights of Women and Children, living most especially in Rural Areas.
    “Be generous and you shall be prosperous,help and you shall be help” Thanks.

  2. kenya minority rights and development forum

    Thank you very much for this important information about UK-DUTCH water and sanitation initiative to help developing contries. our forums works with poor pastoralists communities in kenya among many issues on water and sanitation projects at the community and schools level.

    We needed for information and contacts on the above initiative so that our forum will be able to benefit from UK-DUTCH WATER AND SANITATION INITIATIVE.

    Hoping to hear soon from you.


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