Call for papers: Dry Toilet 2009

Dry Toilet 2009  The 3rd International Dry Toilet Conference will be held in the middle of August 2009 in Finland in Tampere University of Technology. Preliminary leaflet (pdf, size 223 Kb) and 2nd announcement (pdf, size 479 Kb).dt09_logo

One year after the International Year of Sanitation – Are the Millennium Development Goals realistic?

The 3rd International Dry Toilet Conference will be held in Tampere, Finland, on 12-15 August 2009.

The purpose of the DT2009 is to continue the progress achieved by the previous conferences, DT2003 and DT2006, organized in 2003 and 2006 respectively. The objective of the conference is to offer a discussion platform for professionals and other interested parties and to distribute the latest information about various aspects of dry toilets.

The Conference is organised by The Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland, in cooperation with Tampere University of Technology, TAMK University of Applied Sciences and University of Tampere.

The earlier conferences were attended by more than 150 participants from over 30 countries.

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5 responses to “Call for papers: Dry Toilet 2009

  1. This conference will further push sanitation to the fore front.
    I wish i could be among the participants.


  2. This is very useful session, please suggest how can I be a part of it.

  3. I am also intrested.

  4. Dear Aishatu, Bimal and Soham,

    please have a look at the Call for Papers for DT2009 at

    It gives all the necessary details on what you can do to participate.

    Looking forward meeting you there!

  5. Lisman Manurung

    The idea to use paper as sanitation matter can be simply as to replace the usage of leaves in many rural communities in Asia. However, to change the habit should be a big task. We have to ensure the people to adapt the idea.
    We can not push them to do so. We need to develop a rationale of the new habit, especially the poors that normally shared the toilet. They have to response to stimulus like become have sponsibility to keep the surrounding area is clean enough for living.

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