India sets target of 28 toilets a minute

INDIA has to do a big job. More than half a billion citizens don’t have a toilet and the country needs to build 28 new loos every minute over the next four years to meet the Indian Government’s ambitious sanitation target.

One in two Indians, or about 650 million people, now defecate in the open and the untreated waste poses a serious health risk.

Last year India added about 11 million new toilets but the government wants the rate of construction to increase. (…)

The Indian cricket star, Sachin Tendulkar, has been enlisted to help promote hand washing with soap, which can reduce diarrhoeal cases by almost half and acute respiratory illnesses by 30 per cent.

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One response to “India sets target of 28 toilets a minute

  1. Dr. Prakasam Tata

    Constructing 28 toilets a minute in India is a good bragging point. But, how many of them will be used by the people? Another question, how many of the already built toilets are being used by the persons regularly? One more question, how many of those are defecating in the open are now using the toilets that are built for them, and at what frequency? Is any monitoring taking place? Old habits are hard to die. Strong awareness campaigns related to the benefits of regular toilet use instead of open defecation should go hand in hand. Why not the panchayats, municipalities, and other governmental agencies pay the open defecators a small amount like Rs. 0.50 to use toilets, and claim carbon credits under the CDM program by collecting the methane generated by treating their nightsoil in biogas plants and burning it as an energy source?
    Constructing toilets at a rapid pace won’t solve the problem unless they are used by the people, who are accustomed to open defecation, which they think is highly comfortable and suited to them. Awareness program should go hand in hand with contruction programs to have a beneficial effect.

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