Indonesia: Clean Future for World’s Dirtiest River

Photo ADB

Photo ADB

Indonesia’s efforts to clean up the Citarum River, often called the world’s most polluted river, received a major boost [on 05 December 2008] following the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) approval of a $500 million multi-tranche loan package ]extended over a 15-year implementation period]. The first loan tranche is for $50 million.

The Citarum River Basin Territory supports a population of 28 million people, delivers 20% of Indonesia’s gross domestic product, and provides 80% of the surface water supply to Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta.

Over the past 20 years, rapid urbanization and industrial growth have resulted in growing quantities of untreated domestic sewage, solid waste and industrial effluents being dumped in the Citarum.

[…] “ADB’s initial assistance will provide safe water supply and sanitation facilities for poor families who currently use water from the polluted canal for bathing, laundry and other uses,” said [Christopher Morris, a Senior Water Resources Engineer in ADB’s Southeast Asia Regional Department]. “It will also allow the cultivation of an additional 25,000 hectares of paddy, benefitting 25,000 farming families.”

The [Integrated Citarum Water Resources Management Investment Program] will provide bulk water supply for an additional 200,000 households in Jakarta, and will ultimately increase Jakarta’s water supply by 2.5% annually, and resolve Bandung’s critical water supply shortages, benefitting millions.

To ensure that communities are effectively consulted about the management of the basin, a Water Council will be created.

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Source: ADB, 05 Dec 2008

One response to “Indonesia: Clean Future for World’s Dirtiest River

  1. i am in jakarta, indonesia, our air is have big polute too, and here is very hot!

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