Mozambique: “Model Institutions” in Hygiene Campaign

The national hygiene and sanitation campaign, launched ten months ago, has succeeded in creating a series of “model institutions” across Mozambique, according to Health Minister Ivo Garrido.

[T]hese were institutions that had followed basic hygiene rules, provided access to clean water, and had decent sanitation facilities for their workers.

Among such institutions, said Garrido, were the Angonia Municipal Market in the western province of Tete, the Vanduzi health centre in the central province of Manica, and the Morrumbene Primary School in the southern province of Inhambane.

[…] During the campaign, the minister added, it had been possible to eliminate completely the practice of defecating in the open that had been common in one community in Maua district, in Niassa province.

[…] Cholera outbreaks have been reported from eight of Mozambique’s 11 provinces. Only Gaza, Sofala and Cabo Delgado have no reported cases. Since October, about 1,000 cases of cholera have been diagnosed, but the health authorities say that the situation is under control.

Source: Agencia de Informacao de Mocambiqu /, 22 Dec 2008

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