Singapore NEWater: From Sewage to Safe

Singapore has taken recycling to a whole new level, in the process, securing safe, drinking water for its citizens for centuries to come.

The world can learn a thing or two on water recycling from Singapore. Faced with diminishing freshwater sources, its national water agency, the Public Utilities Board (PUB), has tapped an unlikely resource-used, dirty, down-the-toilet-bowl, sewage water.

Using a combination of microfiltration, reverse osmosis technology and ultraviolet disinfection, Singapore’s scientists have perfected the process of transforming sewage water into new, clean, safe drinking water. And since every corner of this bustling city is connected to a single sewerage system, Singapore will never run out of sewage water as long as its residents keep flushing.

Aptly branded NEWater, this reclaimed or recycled water is one of Singapore’s “four national taps” or freshwater sources providing 7% of the country’s water demands.

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