Philippines – Dagupan okays first of its kind health, sanitation code

DAGUPAN CITY, Jan. 16 (PNA)–The city council here has passed Dagupan’s own comprehensive health and sanitation code which was dubbed as a “milestone legislation”.

City Health Officer Leonard Carbonell hailed the code authored by Councilors Jesus Canto and Michael Fernandez, that codified all national laws and existing city ordinances dealing on health and sanitation.

He said he was able to ask the authors of the code to insert as one of its provisions proper septic management practices for homes and industries so that the city’s aquifer would be protected.

The code was passed during the regular session on Monday by the city council presided over by Vice Mayor Belen Fernandez.

The overall objective of the code is to make the land, air and water of Dagupan safer for the benefit of its more than 150,000 population, he said.

The code was drafted by the council consistent with the Sustainable Sanitation in East Asia (SUSCEA) of which Dagupan City is one of the pilot places in the Philippines.

The sanitation code likewise has provisions regarding food and water and also sets sanitary requirements for all establishments and business, practices which were not observed before.

“It is a milestone legislation in the sense that you can count in your fingers the number of cities with existing sanitation code and gladly, Dagupan is now one of them,” he said.

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2 responses to “Philippines – Dagupan okays first of its kind health, sanitation code

  1. hope you could provide us with a copy of the local sanitation code of dagupan city.thanks.

    • Suggest you contact the Dagupan City City Health Officer Dr. Leonardo Carbonell, tel. 522-8206, 523-1236, see full City directory here

      For more information on the Sustainable Sanitation in East Asia (SUSCEA) project contact the Water and Sanitation Program – East Asia and the Pacific Regional Office (WSP-EAP) at

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