Tanzania, Arusha: Rotary Club Donates Toilet Facilities to Slum Dwellers

Residents of a slum area in Sakina, west of the municipality [of Arusha] who for a long time had no access to toilets are now proud owners of facilities built through the help of the Rotary Club of Arusha. The facilities […] will be under the supervision of Rotary Community Corps who will collect users fees for maintenance and cleanliness. The community corps is composed of residents of the slum who are beneficiaries of the toilets and bathrooms.

The facilities will serve 25 families which previously used plastic bags, famous by the name of Rambo, as toilets and subsequently dumped them near their houses or on roadsides. The facilities cost Tsh.2.3 million, an amount raised by members of the club.

Source: Edward Selasini, Arusha Times / allAfrica.com, 15 Feb 2009

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