India, Haryana: No toilet, no bride – slogan hits the mark

The war against insanitation is being fought by women in Haryana by placing a simple condition before their daughters get married – her new household should have a toilet. Suresh Devi, 52, a resident of Shahar Malpur village near Panipat, about 100 km from New Delhi, had been forced to defecate in the open till not so long ago, as there was no toilet in her home. But when her daughter got married, she made sure the bride had a toilet in her new home.

[…] It has been nearly four years since the Haryana government embarked on a campaign to create awareness about sanitation among the masses through radio jingles, television advertisements, posters and banners. Walls in many villages have been painted with slogans in Hindi reading – ‘Na byahun beti us ghar mein jismein na ho shauchalaya (Won’t get my daughter married into a household which does not have a toilet).’

Since 2005, 1.41 million toilets have been built across the agriculture-dependent state that surrounds the national capital on three sides. Out of the 1,417,960 toilets constructed from 2005 to Jan 31 this year under the total sanitation campaign, 947,828 units were built by families above the poverty line and 470,132 by those below the poverty line.

Read more: Ritu Sharma, (IANS) / Calcutta News.Net, 13 Mar 2009

One response to “India, Haryana: No toilet, no bride – slogan hits the mark

  1. I have seen programs about sanitation problems in Java, Indonesia. I am trying to get in touch with a director od Sanitaion . I have septic trucks for sucking human waste from Septic tanks, or open rivers. You may see photos of this truck to help your people improve sanitation problems in your country.

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