Sell sanitation with sex appeal

‘Selling sanitation the Madison Avenue way, with good old-fashioned sex appeal and social pressure’, writes a National Geographic reporter from the Istanbul World Water Forum on 17 March 2009. How?


The feature provides six messages that every water and sanitation promoter should spread continuously.


  • Make a toilet into an object of desire.
  • It’s cool to have a toilet.
  • Be the first person on your block to have one.
  • Miss Kenya promotes toilet malls use in Kibera slum.
  • Romantic songs and videos make sanitation and health sexy in Cambodia.
  • Make it acceptable to talk about shit. 

See a video belo from Cambodia featuring an attractive young couple. The woman sings “You’re a great husband for giving me this well,” and he responds “I gave it to you because I love you.” Theay also sing about arsenic pollution.

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