South East Asia & Pacific: Water Report Highlights Need For Improved Sanitation and Water

ausaid-reportThe [Australian] Parliamentary Secretary for International Development Assistance, Mr Bob McMullan, […]  welcomed a report that highlights the sanitation and water challenges facing developing countries in [the South East Asia & Pacific] region.  The report by a coalition of academic and non-government organisations, including the Institute for Sustainable Futures and WaterAid Australia, was released to mark World Water Day [22 March 2009]..

Meeting the Sanitation and Water Challenge in South East Asia and the Pacific” outlines priorities and actions for tackling the challenge of scaling up access to sanitation. […] The report was produced following the Sanitation and Water Conference held in Melbourne in October 2008

“The outcomes from this conference have helped develop the [Australian] Government’s Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Strategy and the related $300 million Access to Clean Water and Effective Sanitation Initiative,” Mr McMullan said.  “This initiative will increase the Government’s focus on meeting the challenges of sanitation [and water supply] in the Asia-Pacific and Africa and […] will also support water and sanitation infrastructure in schools.

Read the report here .

Source: AusAID, 22 Mar 2009

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