Nigeria – Lagos raises the stake with modern public toilets

When the commercial bus took off from Oshodi bound for Ikorodu, the passengers obviously looked forward to a smooth, uneventful ride as they happily engaged themselves in current affairs discussion that sometimes bordered on the humorous prompting occasional laughter.

The driver also heightened the happy mood by playing an Igbo music which the two passengers sitting with him in the front chorused danced to with a lot of enthusiasm. However, the bus was still some distance from Ojota when one of the passengers cried out about being pressed and needed to ease herself urgently as it was evident she could not hold on till she got home.

After having tried to manage situation to no avail the female passenger had screamed in Yoruba: “Driver! Driver! Mo fe ya’gbe” (Driver! pack, pack, I want to defecate).

But the driver had surprisingly ignored her, erroneously believing that there was no cause for alarm. In fact, all he could offer by way of a response was: “E mu mora ke, E sa kii se omode, ee ni pe de ibi ti enlo” (Be patient a little, after all you are not a baby and you will soon get to your destination).

The driver apparently underestimated the woman’s desperation and the penalty for this was not long in coming. Before anyone could say: “Driver, please stop for her, the woman suddenly found herself defecating on her body. No one needed to tell the driver to stop at this point.

The accompanying stench was so overpowering that it almost choked the passengers who immediately scrambled out of the bus as soon as it made a hasty stop. The interrupted journey only resumed after the bus had been thoroughly cleaned up.

But if feelers from the Lagos State government is anything to go by, this type of situation may soon be a thing of the past in the Centre of Excellence as the Ministry of Environment has embarked upon the construction of a modern toilet facilities in some strategic areas of the state.

The idea according to officials of the Ministry is part of activities to ensure cleanliness in all ramifications and to make Lagos a mega city. When Vanguard Metro went to town last Thursday to see how far the government has gone in this regard, it was seen that some of them have already been roofed and plastered while works have just began on others.

These public toilets can be found in some choice locations in the State such as Dopemu Under bridge, Obanikoro, Toyota and Ijesha Bus-stops, among others. Each of these buildings comprise ten toilets for ladies and gents complete with water closet (WC) facilities. A green signboard was strategically placed in front of the toilets which read: “LAGOS STATE MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT: A proposed site for Modern Public Toilet. Keep Lagos clean or leave. Eko oni baje o”.

Read More – Vanguard Online

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