Pakistan Conference on Sanitation (PACOSAN), Islamabad, Pakistan, 28-29 May 2009

Organised by: Ministry of Environment, with the support of RSPN (Rural Support Programmes Network), UNICEF, WSP-SA, WaterAid, Plan Pakistan and other partners.

The objectives of the conference are:

  • Creating awareness and sensitization for mainstreaming sanitation across sectors, ministries/departments, institutions and socio-political persuasions so that sanitation is prioritized in their respective programs
  • Stocktaking of the main features of the enabling environment and current situation in terms of the existing provincial strategies, action plans and targets
  • Developing a PACOSAN Roadmap on Sanitation highlighting a set of key actions and milestones to achieving the national goals and MDGs in a time-bound manner
  • Inception planning of developing a framework for an Integrated Sanitation and Hygiene Programme through brainstorming on various models of collaboration, roles & responsibilities of various stakeholders, financing and the institutional options and arrangements

The conference is expected to be inaugurated by the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Source: Minutes of the 11th Meeting of the Water and Sanitation Donor Coordination Group (WSDCG) held at UNICEF office, Islamabad on 23 April 2009, drinking water-Pakistan Google Group, 07 May 2009

2 responses to “Pakistan Conference on Sanitation (PACOSAN), Islamabad, Pakistan, 28-29 May 2009

  1. Sharing information is a great contribution to improve sanitation

  2. Ihsan Ullah Mohmand

    Now it the time to move to ecological sanitation and quit conventional methods for improving sanitation by providing laterines which is not the only best option.

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