USAID Sanitation Reports – 2009

Below are links to 3 recent USAID sanitation reports:

Sanitation Talking Points, 2009. (pdf, 73KB) – The Sanitation Talking Points promote common ground and consistency in messages, vocabulary and recommendations for mission sanitation activities. They are not programming but are designed to help USAID technical staff orient field missions on overall sanitation themes and programming approaches, direct field staff to resources for further information, and enable them to articulate their general programming objectives in sanitation. The Talking Points are accompanied by Sanitation Programming Notes to assist the user in explaining options to Mission staff.

Sanitation Bibliography, 2009. (pdf, 96KB) – Of the hundreds of references and links to information on sanitation in developing countries, the 12 in this list serve as appropriate information sources for development professionals who have limited background in sanitation programming and provide links to more in-depth information on various subtopics.

Best Practices and Lessons Learned from Sanitation Programming at USAID: An annotated bibliography, 2009.
(pdf, 141KB) – This annotated bibliography is a compilation of selected documents produced by USAID water, sanitation, and hygiene programs from 1980s to present. It covers a wide range of relevant topics from sanitation policy and reform to sanitation and capacity building. This document has a special focus on best practices, lessons learned, and evaluation reports from USAID’s global experiences in water, sanitation, and hygiene.

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