Rwanda: US$ 25 Million for Rural Water and Sanitation Programme

Rwanda will receive US$ 24.76 million (UA* 16 million) in the form of grants to finance the second phase of the country’s second 2009-2012 Rural Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Sub-Programme (PNEAR).

The funding comprises a UA 10 million African Development Fund (ADF) grant and a UA 6 million grant from the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Initiative (RWSSI) Trust Fund.

The PNEAR aims at improving drinking water supply services in 216 rural localities in the North, West and South provinces; improving household sanitation services in 216 rural localities, and community sanitation services in 15 districts. The overall goal is to provide rural communities with sustainable drinking water supply and sanitation services to improve their health and living conditions.

It involves the construction of 16,000 new individual latrines for the most vulnerable families; 130 new multi-compartment latrines and 100 storm-water harvesting reservoirs in village public infrastructures (schools, health centres and other public places); and the training of 500 masons on latrine construction techniques.

Other outputs include the training of 250 female outreach workers and 100 school teachers on hygiene in villages; provision of a large drinking water supply network covering 150 km; constructing 10 medium water supply scheme networks covering 275 km; developing 1000 drinking water supply sources fitted with laundry tubs; training 200 district borehole drillers in the maintenance of water facilities; training 10 private operators in the operation and maintenance of complex water supply systems; and conducting outreach and sensitization campaigns in 216 localities in the three provinces concerned with the programme.

[…] The direct beneficiaries of the sub-programme are the inhabitants of the 15 districts who account for 5.05 million of the country’s 9.7 population.

The sub-programme is estimated at UA 20.265 million. The ADF funding will cover 79% of the costs while the government and the beneficiary community will provide UA 3.254 million or 16%, and UA 1.011 million or 5% of the total cost, respectively.

* 1 UA Units of Account) = 1.54805 US$ = 877.915 RWF on 01/07/2009

Source: African Development Bank, 02 Jul 2009

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