Donating soap: Clean the World partners with U.S. hotel industry

Clean the World (CTW)™, a non-profit, charitable organization, headquartered in Orlando, has just got its newly-formed hotel industry partnership off to a flying start. The organization recently completed its first airlift of more than 2,000 pounds (21,000 bars) of donated hotel soaps to churches and orphanages in Cap Haitien, Haiti, the poorest region of the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

“It’s amazing that our industry hadn’t thought of this before,” said Alan C. Villaverde, president, Peabody Hotels and general manager of The Peabody Orlando, one of CTW’s first hotel partners. […] “I encourage all hotels, whether independently owned and managed, or major, big-name chain properties, to contact Clean the World and become partners in this truly outstanding program. The U.S. hotel industry has the power to do untold good where it is most needed.”

CTW, which partners with Central Care Mission, is primarily committed to providing personal hygiene products to Third World countries where the simple act of washing hands in soap and water can reduce the millions of deaths of little children due to respiratory and diarrheal illnesses. “We were astonished to learn that 3.5-million children die annually due to acute respiratory and diarrheal diseases,” said Shawn Seipler, the organizations executive director. […] “ There are 4.6-million hotel rooms in the United States alone, and it is estimated that some 2.6-million bars of soap are discarded every day, enough to supply each of those 3.5-million children with a bar of soap every three days.”

The unique recycling of “gently-used” hotel soaps and shampoos, results in thousands of pounds of sterilized soap being shipped to under-privileged Third World countries, such as Haiti. The program creates jobs, ten new paying jobs have been created since March, 2009, saves lives because of improved personal hygiene, feeds the homeless, and helps save the planet by reducing the thousands of tons of hotel soaps and shampoos dumped into landfills every day.

[…] CTW operates two recycling methods: Re-batching and Sterilization. Re-batching is applied to 30 percent of moderately- to heavily-used bars. Soap is “cooked” to remove all impurities and is re-formed into two-ounce bars. Sterilization is applied to 70 percent of the slightly used bars. Soap soaks in sterilization solution then is shock treated. (Patent Pending). This process completely eliminates the pathogens (Listeria monocytogenes, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aerogenes, Salmonella typhymurium, Staphylococcus aureus) as verified by Tri-Tech labs, an environmental testing facility in Orlando, FLA.

CTW reports that currently 100 hotels in Central Florida are active participants in the program. […]These hotels|–|and others|–|represent 10,000 rooms serviced each day, providing 500 pounds of soap daily, 3,500 pounds weekly. Clean the World is busily expanding operations in Boston, Las Vegas, New York, Houston and Chicago. For more information visit the Clean the World web site.

Source: Hospitality Newsmaker Alert, July 2009

See below the video: The Clean Haiti Project — by Clean the World


16 responses to “Donating soap: Clean the World partners with U.S. hotel industry

  1. Hello, I travel a lot and have brand new soap and shampoos I can donate. Do you accept these?? If so, where do I send them??

    Thank you and great idea!!!

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  3. I am a recent retiree and have decided to make Clean the World one of my projects for 2010. I am going to enlist the support of family and friends. This is an absolutely wonderful idea!! Thanks

  4. I work at a 35 room hotel in Ocean City, Maryland and I was wondering how to donate used soaps and other hotel amenities? I don’t get much in the off season but I get a lot of used amenities in the summer time. Thank you.


      I am collecting things to help orphanage, children and elderly people in Haiti. Please if you have anything that you can donate to my organization please do.

  5. Very interesting post contact us and maybe our South boston hotel Could join this program.

  6. This is great, I wish Australia had a similar organisation to do the same job. Many people in South Asia are in need. Posting all my soaps to the USA will cost me heaps.

  7. Debbie Penick

    I have rental cabins in the north georgia mountains and would like to donate soaps we have collected. Where do I need to send it to be recycled for your program. I am so excited about this idea and I would really like to help.

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  10. Rev Father W. Marcelus

    Haitian Orthodox Church of Haiti is need of school supplies, soap and children clothing, please help.

  11. I would like to donate .

  12. I work at double tree by Hilton 315 4th Ave Nashville TN 37219 I need a shipping Dar code for 6 bins

  13. I need bins and shipping bar code to be send out I have a total of 6 bins going out but know shipping receipt to go out 315 4th Ave north Nashville TN 37219

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