Zambia: Clean Campaign Scores Successes

THE Make Zambia Clean and Healthy campaign has scored many successes since it was launched two years ago, but more needs to be done, especially in the area of changing people’s mindset, acting Local Government and Housing Minister Bradford Machila has said.

Mr Machila said yesterday that despite the many achievements, many people were still spitting, urinating and throwing human excreta in public places and were engaged in other vicessuch as street vending which had become rife.

The minister said this in his national address on the eve of the commencement of the Make Zambia Clean and Healthy Week which starts today.

“Since the programme was launched two years ago, there have been many achievements that have been recorded. My ministry has been receiving numerous letters from both individuals and institutions expressing appreciation of the programme and committing themselves to partner with the Government in implementing the programme,” he said.

Mr Machila said the ministry had, however, observed that a lot more sensitisation needed to be undertaken to address some of the challenges of the programme.

He said that two years after the launch of the programme, there were still individuals and communities throwing garbage anyhow and anywhere, which was posing a health hazard.

“On the other hand, the collection of garbage by most councils in communities is still not impressive,” he said. Mr Machila said some public places like restaurants, filling stations and supermarkets did not have water, hand-washing facilities and toilets while in some cases toilets were locked.

He said some people were still smoking in public despite the enactment of the Statutory Instrument banning doing so in public places.

“Generally, some people are still spitting, urinating and even defecating in public places. This is contributing to polluting the environment and spreading the outbreak of water-borne diseases, especially during the rainy season,” he said.

He said street vending had become a serious public nuisance that needed to be effectively dealt with. The minister called on the consumers to shun meat and other such products being sold by the vendors on the streets because it was a health hazard.

Mr Machila said for the programme to be fully successful, there was need for concerted efforts while people should make cleanliness as their way of life and not as just an obligation.

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