Nigeria: Katsina Campaigns Against Open Defecation

8 September 2009

Katsina — Katsina State Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (RUWASSA) has this week launched a triggering of “disgust and shame” campaign to fifty five communities to fight an indiscriminate and open defecation habits and scale up sanitation and hygiene delivery in the rural areas.

Executive Director of the agency, Abubakar Gege, who flagged off the program in selected communities in Bakori local government area of the state, said the campaign which covers nine selected local governments is aimed at sensitizing communities about the associated dangers of open defecation and the importance of household cleaning among others. Represented by the agency’s desk officer in collaboration with United Nations Children Education Fund (UNICEF), Aminu Dayyabu Safana said the campaign being conducted with other non governmental organisations (NGOs) is geared towards the certification of those communities as open defecation free (ODF) by 2010, under the national year of sanitation action plan. Aminu Dayyabu said the triggering concept allow communities to take charge of their environment under the community led total sanitation(CLTS) to ensure total elimination of OD practices, full coverage of latrine usage, increased hygiene and sanitation activities and reduction of sanitation related diseases amongst communities.

He commended the state government for the creation of facilitating wash departments in the local governments and ensuring adequate funding of the project while urging the communities to ensure household cleaning and hand washing at critical periods after defecation and before eating.

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2 responses to “Nigeria: Katsina Campaigns Against Open Defecation

  1. “shame and disgust campaign” hahahaha
    It is great to see that they are making efforts to address the big problem of open defecation. More should be done about sanitation in Nigerian schools, especially the boarding schools. Children suffer the brunt of the lack of access to clean toilets , water for flushing and washing their hands, etc.

  2. Devendra Poudel

    Thanks for very interesting and revolutionary intervention at community level. This campaign will change positively the rural environment, sanitation habit and sanitation culture. It will be instrumental in uplifting the level of living standars of rural poors.

    As a Secretary General of an environmental organization namely – Green Society, is involving in improving basic environmental sanitation status in rural communities of Nepal. With the people participation and small financial aid from an INGO, we have declared Baglungpani VDC as Open Defecation Free Zone. In near future Banjakhet VDC is about to Declared ODF zone.

    It means we are in same campaign, no matter geography and race etc.

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