Nepal: opportunity to use toilet for the first time in 83 years

Silgadi: Haridatta Bhatta, 83, a resident of Nuwakot of Kalikasthan VDC-6 felt uneasy while using a toilet for the first time in his life. Bhatta, who has been practicing open air defecation, has used toilet for the first time in his life. Nepal Water for Health (NEWAH) has initiated to construct toilets in Nuwakot located 34 kilometers far from Silgadi, district headquarters of Doti district.

Bhatta shared that he felt very uneasy to use the newly constructed toilet in his house. Not only Haridatta, Ram Bahadur Bika, 49, has also similar kind of experience. Ram Bahadur, who used to defecate in the open, shared his experience, “I could not defaecate in the toilet in the first time.”

Not only Haridatta and Ram Bahadur, about 72 families in ward no. 6 of Kalikasthan VDC have constructed toilets after completion of the Nuwakot Drinking Water, Health Education and Sanitation Project launched in Mid-August 2008 with support of Nepal Water for Health. The project was completed at an investment of about Rs. 1.1 million including financial support worth Rs. 879,586 from NEWAH and local’s labour contribution worth Rs. 240,028.

Source: Gorkhapatra / NGO Forum, 25 Sep 2009

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