Uganda: Busia District rewards hygienic homes

Busia district health department is rewarding area residents who keep good hygiene in their homes, but those who fail to maintain proper hygiene will be arrested and prosecuted. The drive, named the Home Improvement Campaign, was launched in Majanji parish in Lumino sub-county on Friday, 23 October 2009, by the district chairperson, Patrick Wedakule.

Speaking at the ceremony, the health inspector, Tony Wabwire, said the district would reward residents who have all the necessary sanitary facilities in their homes. The best at parish and village levels will get a bicycle and a 20-litre jerrican, Wabwire said, while the homes which ranked second will walk away with a basin.

He noted that the rewards would encourage the residents to improve their home and personal hygiene. Wabwire, however, said those who fail to maintain proper hygiene will be arrested and prosecuted.

Majanji, where the campaign was launched, is ranked the dirtiest area. Majanji is situated on the shores of Lake Victoria. The district health officer, Dr. Bwire Oundo, asked the communities to take health seriously.

Oundo argued that ill-health retards development because a lot of money is spent in hospitals and that people become too weak to work.

He also emphasized the need for proper hygiene, saying it would safeguard the residents from disease outbreaks that are likely to come with the heavy rains.

Vincent Adeya, the deputy chief administrative officer, noted that there was low pit-latrine coverage in schools in the district.

Adeya blamed this on the inadequate funding given to the schools.

Source: Egessa Hajusu, New Vision /, 26 Oct 2009

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