Sustainable Sanitation Practice journal

Sustainable Sanitation Practice (SSP) is a new quarterly open access journal on practical experiences with available sustainable sanitation systems. SSP Journal is published by the EcoSan Club Austria, non profit association established in 2002.

The theme of the first issue of SSP journal, published in October 2009, is greywater. It includes five contributions showing results from projects, in which members of the EcoSan Club Austria have been involved:

  • Combined greywater reuse and rainwater harvesting in an office building in Austria: analyses of practical operation
  • Household greywater treatment for peri-urban areas of Nakuru Municipality, Kenya
  • Greywater use in peri-urban households in Kitgum, Uganda
  • Greywater treatment in apartment building in Austria
  • Combined greywater treatment using a membrane bioreactor

The themes for 2010 are:

  • Issue 2: “Successful models for operation and maintenance of sanitation systems” – January 2010, under preparation.
  • Issue 3: “Use of urine” – April 2010, deadline for contributions: 10 February 2010
  • Issue 4: “The ROSA project” – July 2010, deadline for contributions: 10 Mai 2010
  • Issue 5: “Sanitation as a business” – October 2010, deadline for contributions: 10 August 2010
  • Issue 6: “Toilets” – January 2011, deadline for contributions: 10 November 2010

For contributions contact: SSP editorial office, Ms. Isabelle Pavese (ssp [at]

Sustainable Sanitation Practice journal web page

2 responses to “Sustainable Sanitation Practice journal

  1. This journal seems like it would be very interesting. I would venture to guess the publication would also highlight private sector businesses who are contributing to the emerging green economy. There are already many companies who are offering solutions to our environmental issues. The website, for instance, has a directory of thousands of companies who are doing good by the earth and creating new sustainable jobs as well. I’ll be interested to see if this journal highlights some of these companies.

  2. Dear all,
    your journal are very valuable and interesting. Apparently, they are not indexed in any database. Why ?

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