Nepal, Dhulikhel: School Led Total Sanitation project

The Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO) has signed an agreement with Japan Water Forum Fund to implement a water and sanitation improvement project at primary schools in Dhulikhel Municipality.

The project, which focuses on three schools Chayal Devi Primary School, Kali Devi Primary School and Mandaladevi Primary School, aims to improve hygienic conditions and ensure safe drinking water and proper sanitation in the schools and surrounding community through the School Led Total Sanitation (SLTS) campaign.

The program is integrated with the ongoing Urban and Environmental Improvement Project (UEIP) program of Dhulikhel Municipality. An orientation program on SLTS was conducted to 25 school teachers, school management committee (SMC) and parent teachers association (PTA) on November 10 where they have committed to declare their area as open defecation free (ODF) area.

Read more about SLTS in Nepal in:
Adhikari, S. and Shrestha, N.L. (2008). School led total sanitation : a successful model to promote school and community sanitation and hygiene in Nepal. In: Beyond construction : use by all : a collection of case studies from sanitation and hygiene promotion practitioners in South Asia. London, UK, WaterAid and Delft, The Netherlands, IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre. Available here

Source: ENPHO Monthly Bulletin, Nov 2009

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