Wheelie bin converted into toilet

A wheelie bin [household waste container on wheels] has been adapted into a public toilet in a bid to stop people urinating on south London streets.

People can urinate into a funnel inside the bin which transfers the liquid into its base, where it is converted into bio-fertiliser.

Swiss designer Stephan Bischof tested the bin in New Cross and Honour Oak.

He said: “It wouldn’t be better than a proper public toilet but because there are so many (wheelie bins) close it is like an emergency solution.”

Mr Bischof invented the wheelie bin urinal as part of a series of designs to tackle antisocial or illegal behaviour.

‘Weird solution’

The bin’s removable base contains either garden waste or dry grass, which absorbs the urine to create bio-fertiliser.

“It’s a bit of a weird solution,” said Mr Bischof.

“My intentions were not to destroy the primary functions of the wheelie bin so therefore it can still be used as a bin.”

Mr Bischof is seeking funding to further develop his prototype.

His other designs include a traffic sign with a birdhouse inside it and musical speed humps.

A spokesman for Lambeth Council said it was “too early” to say whether the council would consider adopting the wheelie bin urinals.

Source: BBC, 05 Jan 2010 (includes BBC news video)

7 responses to “Wheelie bin converted into toilet

  1. Have to say that I don’t think I would be to happy if I walked outside and caught some peeing in my garbage can. There has to be a better answer, like step up police patrols in problem area and arrest them for peeing in the alley or street.

    • But the advantage is that the wheelie bin urinal doubles as an ecosan toilet. This gives you get free fertilizer (urine is rich in phosphates) for your garden or flower pots.

  2. Why do people think it is rude or dirty for people to pee? I don’t see people getting upset that dogs roam around urinating on everything. Urinating is not something new. Humans have been urinating for millions of years and not in toilets.

  3. i think this is a great idea!
    Carl, the idea of arresting someone for doing a wee is ridiculous, because as Bradley mentioned, weeing is as natural as breathing, and if we don’t want people weeing in alleys or in our front gardens, then we should provide suitable facilities such as this one, people need to wee!! its not a disgusting deviant activity but a natural and healthy part of our everyday functions.

    What makes this better is it converts the wee into something useful rather than just taking it all to a sewage works and covering it in chemicals!

  4. The wheelie bin urinal is step in the right direction: It’s an opportunity to decriminalize public urination. Granted, this innovation does not meet standards of dignity nor the privacy criteria that we expect while carrying out natural human functions. But in areas of cities where homeless people gather at night for their safety, these emergency urinals are likely to be welcomed.

    Even when public toilets are available within a 5-minute walk, homeless men and women are understandably reluctant to pack up their belongings and cover the distance. The bins can be discretely rolled to a nearby alcove at night. Women can use the urinals with the assistance of any of a number of inexpensive cardboard or plastic funnels available on the market.

    Environment activists and advocates for the rights of homeless people would do well to think out of the box and embrace this idea. Decriminalize urination, collect trash and recycle urine using the same small footprint receptacle? A great place to start.

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