WSP – Financing On-Site Sanitation for the Poor

Financing On-Site Sanitation for the Poor A Six Country Comparative Review and Analysis, 2010

Full-text: (pdf, 2.36MB)

Sophie Trémolet with Eddy Perez and Pete Kolsky.  Water and Sanitation Program (WSP).

This study aims to improve understanding of the finance of on-site household sanitation through careful analysis of practical field experience in a wide range of projects. The Sanitation and Hygiene Global Practice Team of the World Bank Water and Sanitation Program (WSP) initially conceptualized this study to offer better guidance to sector professionals developing on-site sanitation projects and programs.

The study addresses such basic questions as:

• How much does provision of access to on-site sanitation cost, that is, once all costs (hardware and software) are taken into account?

• Do the type and scale of sanitation subsidy affect provision and uptake? How?

• How can the public sector most effectively support household investment in on-site sanitation?

• Should it be via investment in demand stimulation, subsidies to households or suppliers, by support to credit schemes, or by other means?

• Should hardware subsidies be provided or should public spending be focused on promoting demand or supporting the supply side of the market? Where hardware subsidies are adopted, what is the best way to ensure that they reach their intended recipients and are sustainable and scalable?

• What innovative mechanisms (such as credit or revolving funds) can be used to promote household sanitation financing?

2 responses to “WSP – Financing On-Site Sanitation for the Poor

  1. okwir martin luther

    special thanks to KfW for the good job you are doing for the betterment of humanity.
    i came to have website from the internet, i read about you i saw many things you have done. my remain request is that, i have a registered CBO(Community Based Organization which is soon going to begin working here in Africa- East Africa-Uganda as my home country, Lira district Northern Region. its Objectives are creation of income generating activities to the youth, sensitizing the community the youth on the dangers of HIV/AIDS, helping the sick and poor be one time construct a health center for them in villages because most of t he poor have no access to the hospitals, very few normally go but does not have enough money for Private clinic. otherwise ourpeople who ae sick,poor are dying of diseases like Malaria as the most common disease affecting them so much, no maternity ward for women, no children ward etc. with all these when you read and accept to help where possible, “THE TRINIITY FAMILY ORGANIZATION” shall be proud of it.
    Okwir Martin Luther. Director the Trinity Family Organization.

  2. wondwosen asegidew

    sanitation is very important for improvement of the poor life and to keep up health good life. so that we work hardly to keep the environment with standard sanitation.

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