Philippines: ADB, Manila Water to Conduct Study to Restore Pasig River to Full Health

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Manila Water Company Inc. are funding an assessment of the wastewater and sanitation needs along the eastern side of the Pasig River, Manila’s polluted main waterway. ADB is considering providing Manila Water with a private-sector project loan to fund implementation of a wastewater treatment system once the study is completed.

The 27-kilometer-long Pasig River was once used by locals as a source of drinking water and fish, and a place to swim, but in recent decades it has been polluted by the increasing amounts of untreated sewage brought by rapid urbanization and insufficient sanitation systems. Like other major river systems in Metro Manila, the Pasig River is now biologically dead, damaging the health and livelihoods of Manila’s 11 million inhabitants.

Read the full news release.

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Source: ADB, 26 Jan 2010


One response to “Philippines: ADB, Manila Water to Conduct Study to Restore Pasig River to Full Health

  1. Norman F. Gutierrez

    Pasig River is a water line between two large bodies of water- Laguna lake and the Manila Bay. In a low tide the Silted water of Laguna Bay moves towards the South China sea and at high tide vice versa. Laguna Lake water comes from the small tributaries particularly the heavily silted Marikina River where its water comes from Wawa Dam. And Wawa Dam water obtain its water from the denuded mountains of Montalban thats why soil came down the mountains.
    ACTION 1. Massive Deforestation of Montalban mountains or Reforest all areas around the Dams.
    ACTION 2. De-silting of the Marikina River line to deepen the water path to Laguna de Bay. This caused the drowning of Provident Village.
    ACTION 3. Dredging of laguna Lake.
    ACTION 4. Rehab of all tributaries coming from the Sierra Madre mountains down to Pasig River.
    ACTION 5. Dredging of the Pasig River.
    FINAL ACTION 6. Dredge the mouth of Pasig River and install a River Hydra Filtering system from each City of the Pasig River. A 5 year Program to attain actual goal of anyone could swim into the River again.

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