UN, ADB experts ask developing nations to adopt Sulabh toilets

January 27, 2010 – Experts from the UN and Asian Development Bank (ADB) today asked developing nations to adopt low cost Sulabh toilet to streamline their sanitation system.

The Sulabh technology is one of the solutions to the sanitation crisis and this low cost Indian method should be utilised in developing countries,” senior ADB official A Thapan said at a follow-up conference of the International Year of Sanitation being organised here by UN and Government of Japan.

Thomas Steltzer, Assistant Secretary-General, UN, also advocated Sulabh model for streamlining of sanitation system in developing and third world countries.

Appreciating the work done by Sulabh in the field of sanitation, Chizuru Aoki of UN Environment Programme laid stress on the need for such kind of innovative toilet technology.

A large number of sanitation experts from different parts of the world, including founder of Sulabh Sanitation Movement Bindeshwar Pathak, are participating in the meet which is seeking to explore how sustainable sanitation services could be delivered to every citizen in the world.

Another ADB representative Amy Siu Ping Leung hailed the role of Pathak in promoting toilets in slums, schools and small villages and emancipating scores of manual scavengers and termed him as the Champion of the Sanitation.

The Sulabh International Social Service Organisation was founded by Pathak, who won the coveted Stockholm Water Prize last year for its efforts in the field of sanitation to improve public health.

Sulabh has developed a new technology for production and utilisation of biogas from human wastes for different purposes.

Besides some African countries, China, US, Bhutan, Afghanistan and Nepal have already shown interest in Sulabh’s low cost toilet technology, according to its spokesman.

Source – Business Standard

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