Nepal, additional marks to the students having toilet

The story about students in Dhikpur who get an additional 10 marks in their exams for having a toilet in their house has been reported a year ago in February 2009.

In an update, the same newspaper adds schools give an additional 5 marks in exam to students who only have a temporary toilet in their home. The students have made a made a slogan, “I am proud of having toilet in my house”.

The Dhikpur Village Development Committee (VDC) has now been declared the first open defecation free in the Rapti zone. Anyone who visits Dhikpur VDC has to use toilet. Otherwise, the students will penalize them. Out of 2183 toilets constructed in the VDC, 1433 are concrete and 750 are temporary toilets.

Source: Durga Lal K.C., Kantipur / NGO Forum, 29 Jan 2010

One response to “Nepal, additional marks to the students having toilet

  1. Kelvin Simukondwi

    This sound logical. Most of the students, as this world is made of youth majority, with this despline, together we can make a difference.

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