UNICEF/PSI household water treatment and safe storage video

Saving Lives with Safe Water: Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage

UNICEF created this video in partnership with Population Services International (PSI) platforms to celebrate the Safe Drinking Water Project. The project, funded by American Express, is underway in Guinea, Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania, and aims to change behaviors in the home. Even if water flows safe and clear from a local pump, dirty containers, dirty hands or unsanitary storage can contaminate it leading to disease, and even death. The Project informs people about the dangers of unsafe water, and how they can protect themselves by treating their daily supply at home, with inexpensive products available in their local markets


5 responses to “UNICEF/PSI household water treatment and safe storage video

  1. dear fraind ,
    i am water spacilist and involve in mass awerness project for safe drinking water for poor communites.
    i shall be great full if you may kindly send move,documentries, cd,s or other material for education and distribution i communeties .also printed material .
    with regards.
    international water saver environmental services , p.o.box .77236 houston texas 77236. usa

  2. The video does not seem to be avilable any longer. Would you be able to send it to me via email?

  3. sekiwano samson

    Great thanks for all your updates. Iam a Health Assistant currently in Jinja Municipality Mpumudde division department of Public/ environmental Health Sciences department. Iam in need of Health education materials having information about water, hygiene and sanitation. I always health educate but have no logistics that expose information talked about. Am waiting for your positive support for health promotion
    Tel. +256 774583387
    Ssekiwano Samson
    Health Assistant Mpumudde Division
    p.o.box Jinja Municipality
    Public Health Department

  4. I am a WASH speialist currentley working from Vietnam. Please keep me updated with upcoming WASH issues and discussions to be opart of it. tnx

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