Threat to remove Right to Sanitation from UN resolution, says FAN

The Freshwater Action Network (FAN) says there is talk of removing sanitation from a United Nations draft resolution on the human right to water and sanitation. Bolivia submitted the resolution that was due to be discussed on 7 July 2010.

[T]hroughout the negotiations there has been talk of removing sanitation and focusing only on water. This would mean that the United Nations deliberately decided not to acknowledge sanitation as a human right.

FAN says the text of the resolution will by finalised by mid-July 2010.

FAN called on its network members to ask their government representatives to lobby at the UN to ensure that sanitation was not removed from the draft resolution.

Read the full blog post by FAN’s Advocacy Action and Learning Officer Kolleen Bouchane (06 Jul 2010).

One response to “Threat to remove Right to Sanitation from UN resolution, says FAN

  1. 😦

    I hope this doesn’t happen, I thought it was catching on that sanitation is essential to human dignity and to the achievement of other rights. How can something so closely linked to self worth, dignity and life not be considered as a human right? I argued about this issue with a top human rights lawyer who believes that it isn’t. His argument was that it is lex ferenda and not lex lata. Whatever!!! He should try defecating in public and see how that feels.

    I understand that States are not willing to deal with a “new right” but that does not change the great need for sanitation in the world.

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