Video: School sanitation – a common challenge in Kenya

Students at the Ramba High School, Ndori, Kenya have to remove their clothes when using the latrines. They do this avoid the strong smell of the disinfectant sticking to their school uniform. Every year, after the rains, new pit latrines have to be constructed.

To improve sanitation conditions at schools like Ramba High School, GTZ’s EcoSan Promotion Project has constructed Urine Diverting Dehydrating Toilets (UDDTs). These toilets also produce biogas, fertilizer and irrigation water thereby saving on costs of fuel wood and boosting agricultural production.

The EcoSan Promotion Project (EPP) (Oct 2008 – May 2009, ongoing monitoring period until Nov 2010) was a project component of the GTZ Water Sector Reform Programme in Kenya and co-funded by the European Union, SIDA and GTZ.

The video below is an excerpt from a documentary “Promoting Ecological Sanitation in Kenya” by the EU-SIDA-GTZ EcoSan Promotion Project.

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