Dig toilets, not graves

The creative people at WaterAid have come up with another compelling TV commercial to accompany their latest fundraising campaign “Dig toilets, not graves”.

Watch the “Diarrhoea song

WaterAid has combined the fund-raising campaign with an online petition to “put pressure on the UK Government to build toilets in the developing world”. The NGO is urging the government to increase aid to sanitation and water to £600 million (US$ 931 million). Nearly 7,000 people have signed the petition so far; WaterAid wants to get 20,000 signatures before 19 September.

Get more info on the campaign web site at www.digtoilets.org

The TV commercial was produced by London agency Kitcatt Nohr Alexander Shaw and directed by Susannah Hayes.

The ad features the popular playground song “Diarrhoea Diarrhoea”. During the first half of the ad, shot at a primary school in Hackney, British children smile and giggle as they sing the song which, of course, is totally normal because, well, diarrhoea is funny what with all the farting and squirting that accompanies it.

But all that farting and squirting isn’t so funny when it’s rampant in countries like Zambia and the commercial touches on that by cutting to a boy who not so happily sings, “When it’s just killed your sister and you’re really going to miss her, diarrhoea, diarrhoea.”

The ad will air on several Britsh TV channels including Sky One, Discovery, Bravo, More 4 and SkySports.

Source: Steve Hall, AdRants, 28 Aug 2010

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