Handwashing: musical hand soap bottle promotes child hygiene

Hygiene Heroes
A US company has launched an innovative liquid hand soap and hand sanitizer to make handwashing fun and effective for children.

International Product Solutions, maker of the Soap Soundz hand soaps has launched a new “Hygiene Heroes” line aimed at teaching children to wash their hands.

With each squirt, the bottle plays music and provides a hand washing message for the length of time that hands should be washed, which is around 20 seconds, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The hand soaps come in bright colors, fruity scents, and fun “hero” designs such as “Princess Sanipure,” and “Captain Cleanhands.”

While teaching children proper hand washing can be a challenge, products like Soap Soundz are designed to help make the process easier and to help motivate kids to wash more often and effectively.

Listen to the “Hygiene Heroes” musical handwashing messages on the Soap Soundz web site

Source: Marketwire, Yahoo! Finance, 08 Sep 2010

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