UK: local handwashing campaign may go nationwide

A local hand washing campaign that attracted national and international attention, could be rolled out to benefit schools, local authorities and businesses through out the United Kingdom.

It is only one year since Hull and East Yorkshire NHS [National Health Service] Trust, a national leader in tackling healthcare infections, launched Give Soap a Chance into the local community. In that short space of time, healthcare professionals estimate that tens of thousands of local people have benefited, whilst nationally, a host of key business, political and charitable players have offered support. Now, it is being promoted as a blueprint for tackling the spread of infections right across the country.

The campaigns encourages everyone to wash their hands properly and more often through the media, through schools and businesses and online through the Give Soap A Chance web site.

“Local employers were contacted by letter, quoting regional statistics which highlighted the number of working days lost to them through infections, and invited them to sign up to an online campaign to tackle the problem and, ultimately, save them money. They then received a business pack containing certificates, leaflets, stickers and posters to put up within the workplace to encourage their employees to wash their hands.”

The campaign developed an online school pack for 4-6 year-olds, meeting national curriculum requirements, and a series of cartoon-style characters known as the ‘Clean Team’. There were handwashing demonstrations in shopping centres and by the characters from the children’s BBC TV show the Tweenies during a local theater appearance.

So far, Give Soap a Chance has attracted the support of over 80 major companies, including Comet, Lush and Sainsbury’s, attention from local, regional and national media, support from the national charity MRSA Action UK, adoption and high praise from Whitehall officials.

Coincidentally, “Give soap a chance when washing your hands” was one of the submissions to Sanitation Update’s 2009 Global Handwashing Day Slogan Contest.

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Source: PRWeb UK, 26 Nov 2010

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