Brisbane WASH Conference 2011 presentations on hygiene and sanitation

Dr Val Curtis

“The most cost-effectiveness intervention for improving public health [is] improving hygiene promotion [and] without change in hygiene behaviour, we get none of the benefits of water, none of the benefits of sanitation”. This was one of the messages that Dr Val Curtis conveyed in her introduction to the session on “Behavioral change and social sustainability” at the WASH Conference 2011 (download audio of her presentation).

Some 224 conference delegates from over 100 organisations in 40 countries came to Brisbane, Australia for the WASH Conference 2011. Below is a selection of the presentations on sanitation – powerpoints + audio files – given on 16-17 May. (If you have never heard him speak before, don’t miss the presentation by CLTS-guru Kamal Kar). The presentation streams dealt with institutional, environmental, social and financial sustainability respectively.

Most of the presentations were about Asia, the focus area of conference co-organiser/sponsor AusAid. There were also a few presentations from Africa, a region where AusAid is looking to expand its WASH activities (see AusAid focus regions/countries).

WASH Conference 2011 presentations on sanitation


Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS), Origin, Spread and Scaling up
Presented by Kamal Kar
Slideshare presentation | Download audio

Planning Behaviour Change: Chances and Challenges
Presented by Dr. Christine Sijbesma, IRC
Slideshare presentationDownload audio



Community Based Environmental Health Promotion Programme
Presented by Pascal Karemera, World Vision Rwanda
Slideshare presentationDownload Audio


Institutional aspects of slum sanitation: implication of multiple actors
Presented by John Bosco Isunju, UNESCO-IHE, Delft & Makerere University, Kampala
Slideshare presentation | Download Audio


The use of Hygiene Index in measuring Hygiene Behaviour Change in Zimbabwe
Presented by Muchanyara Jarawaza, (GRM International)
Slideshare presentation | Download audio

Commercialisation of public toilets in Bulawayo City, Zimbabwe
Presented by Robert Apunyo, PAPST
Slideshare presentation | Download audio


Practical Entry Points for Improving Governance for Rural Sanitation and Hygiene
Presented by Bimal Tandukar, Robert Deutsch, Pham Quang Nam, Kencho Wangdi, Vanny Suon – SNV Asia and IRC
Slideshare presentation – Download Audio

Sanitation Supply Chain Development: The Missing Link in Rural Sanitation and Hygiene
Presented by Phetmany Cheuasongkham, Kencho Wangdi, Gabrielle Halcrow, Dara Noun, Thinley Dorji, Christine Sijbesma, Ingeborg Krukkert, Antoinette Kome
Slideshare presentation |  Download audio

Anchoring innovative behaviour change communication in local organisations and contexts
Presented by Antoinette Kome, Ayphalla Te, Heino Guellemann, Gabrielle Halcrow, Bimal Tandukar, SNV Asia
Slideshare presentationDownload audio

Quantitative Monitoring of Qualitative Data: Empowering Communities and Informing Programmes
Presented by Dr. Christine Sijbesma, IRC
Slideshare presentation | Download audio

Economics of Sanitation for Informed Decision Making
Presented by Almud Weitz, Water and Sanitation Program
Slideshare presentation | Download audio


Piloting promotion of low cost sanitary hardware for sustainable disposal of child and animal feces in rural Bangladesh
Presented by Faruqe Hussain, Research Investigator, Program on Infectious Diseases and Vaccine Sciences, ICDDR,B, Bangladesh
Slideshare presentation | Download audio


Igniting Markets for Sanitation: Thinking Like a Business Not an NGO
Presented by Cordell Jacks, IDE-Cambodia
Slideshare presentation | Download audio

Selling sanitation in Cambodia
Presented by Aun Hengly, WaterSHED Asia
Slideshare presentationDownload audio

Designing for Sustainable Sanitation: floating toilet case study
Presented by Judy Hagan, Engineers Without Borders Australia, Michael Brown, Live and Learn Environmental Education
Slideshare presentationDownload audio

Microfinance for Water & Sanitation: Cambodian Case Study
Presented by Jeff Goldberg, MF Advisor
Slideshare presentation | Download audio


Understanding Sanitation Options in Challenging Environments
Presented by Isabel Blackett, Water and Sanitation Program
Slideshare presentation


Ongoing performance and best practices of Decentralised Wastewater Treatment Systems in Kathmandu, Nepal
Presented by Freya Mills, GHD Australia, ENPHO Nepal
Slideshare presentation | Download audio

A sanitized traditional town: Siddhipur
Presented by Shreya Bajimaya, MSc. Student, Nepal Engineering College, Research Intern, NGO Forum for urban water and sanitation, Prakash Amatya, Executive Director, NGO Forum for urban water and sanitation
Slideshare presentation |  Download audio


Using FOAMS: A look at hygiene promotion in the Pacific
Presented by Diane Cousineau, International WaterCentre
Slideshare presentationDownload audio

Sanitation and Behaviour Change through Sanitation Businesses
Presented by Paul Lewthwaite, Live & Learn Environmental Education Inc – Vanuatu
Slideshare presentationDownload audio


Volunteering for WASH Behaviour Improvements
Presented by Ivo Guterres, Environmental Health Department Head, Heather Moran, Behaviour Change Communication Advisor, BESIK, Ministry of Health, Timor-Leste
Slideshare presentation | Download audio

Viet Nam

Towards Sustainability for Urban Sanitation: selecting sanitation systems in Can Tho, Vietnam
Presented by Naomi Carrard, Institute for Sustainable Futures
Slideshare presentation | Download audio

Financing Household Sanitation for the Poor
Presented by Eddy Perez (WSP)
Slideshare presentation | Download audio

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