Community Choices Tool for Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene – demo

The online Community Choices Tool demo is a prototype of a decision-making support tool for the water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) sector, being developed by the Pacific Institute.

The Community Choices Tool will be both a WASH decision-making support tool and a database of technologies, approaches, financing options, and WASH contacts such as local water practitioners, NGOs, CBOs, and government agencies. The goal of the Community Choices Project is to give communities, local and country governments, NGOs, and WASH practitioners access to the wealth of information on water, sanitation, and hygiene technologies and financing approaches in a single-source tool.

To demonstrate what the Community Choices Tool might look like, a prototype demo is available with the following limitations:

  • a choice between between a sanitation module and a water module with household water treatment options
  • a limited number of questions which touch on some environmental, cultural, and financial aspects
  • a limited number of solutions
  • solutions geared toward West Africa

The goal of the prototype is to obtain feedback for the Pacific Institute’s  Community Choices Tool Team led by Meena Palaniappan.

In 2008, a Pacific Institute review of decision-making support tools in the WASH sector concluded that none of the existing resources adequately served WASH practitioners.

Web site:

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