WaterAid’s Sanitation Framework

Carter, R.; Palakudiyil, T.; Harvey, E. (2011). Sanitation framework. London, UK, WaterAid. 40 p. : 3 boxes, 1 fig., 7 tab. With 42 endnotes, among them references. – Includes glossary

This document sets out a framework for the enhancement of sanitation services in low-income countries. It is intended primarily to guide WaterAid country programmes as they determine their own context-specific sanitation strategies, but it is hoped that it will also be of value to other organisations which are involved in improving sanitation. The scope of the document spans both rural and urban contexts, but it does not specifically address the important topic of hygiene improvement. This will be the subject of a future WaterAid framework document. A further framework for WaterAid’s urban work is in the final stage of publication. This Sanitation framework is fully consistent with, and builds on, WaterAid’s Sanitation Guidelines (April 2008) which were initially developed at a conference in Livingstone, Zambia, in May 2006. [authors abstract]

Download full document

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