WASH in Schools Monitoring Package

UNICEF has published the WASH in Schools Monitoring Package to strengthen national monitoring systems and to improve the quality of monitoring at the project level.

National monitoring systems for WASH in schools are generally weak; many countries do not have even basic data on the WASH situation in schools. This lack of information on the status of WASH in schools hampers planning and resource allocation decisions. It also has an impact on the development and monitoring of WASH in Schools projects.

The package consists of three modules:

The EMIS module: a set of basic monitoring questions on WASH in Schools to be incorporated into national Education Monitoring Information Systems (EMIS), usually administered annually;

The survey module: a more comprehensive set of questions, observations and focus group discussion guidelines for use in national WASH in Schools surveys as well as for sub-national, project level or thematic surveys;

The children’s monitoring module: a teacher’s guide and tool set for the monitoring of WASH in Schools by students, including observation checklists, survey questions and special monitoring exercises.

Download the full document (88 p.)

2 responses to “WASH in Schools Monitoring Package

  1. it is a great initiative, though distributing its multiple hard copies to schools and cbos in schools will start the great movement, and make it useful. kindly send me printed copies at

    m jahangir
    better tomorrow
    street n 14,298 f- 10/2

  2. i must confess that this innitiative is a welcome development…thumbs up to unicef!.

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