SCA marketing small packages of hygiene products – diapers, sanitary napkins and toilet paper

Global hygiene and paper company SCA has started offering low-cost hygiene products in small packages in Latin America and Asia. Similar projects are being planned in Africa and the Middle East. Items being sold include diapers, sanitary napkins and toilet paper.

For many people with low incomes, using hygiene products on a regular basis is too expensive. That’s the case with diapers, which many children use only at night or on special occasions. In Latin America SCA produces individually packaged Pequeñin diapers, each sealed in a thin layer of plastic. […] “Business owners often break open packages and sell the diapers individually, which is less hygienic.” In Asia, too, SCA sells diapers in small packages.

In 2010, SCA started a pilot project selling Nosotras sanitary napkins to women in low-income groups: single packs in Peru and three-packs in Nicaragua. SCA’s marketing strategy includes making the sanitary napkins, which are otherwise often hidden in stores, more visible with different types of product displays.

An important aspect of this line of products is the price. With small packages, the price can be kept low. “The packages hold a day’s worth of pads or panty liners and cost no more than a piece of candy, so then it isn’t such a big deal”.

SCA is also selling small individual toilet rolls, sealed in simple paper packaging, targeted at people with low incomes.

While cheaper locally-produced hygiene products may be available, SCA is relying on customers’s perception that international brands offer higher quality.

SCA is not the first company to develop product lines for hygiene products targeted at “bottom-of-the-pyramid” consumers. Since 2002, Unilever’s Lifebuoy brand has sold billions of soap bars to the rural poor in Asia and Africa.

Source: Sara Bergqvis, SCA, 13 Jul 2011

2 responses to “SCA marketing small packages of hygiene products – diapers, sanitary napkins and toilet paper

  1. This is a great beginning! I n India where also sanitary napkins have been unheard of in villages, efforts are being made by NGO’s to manufacture and market low cost napkins. Government schools and Corporation schools are being provided with vending machines to offer napkins at throw away prices. I am offering USED SANITARY NAPKIN INCINERATORS TO SOME OF THESE LARGE SCHOOLS IN SOUTH INDIA. Anyone interested?

  2. Is the SCA marketing push not going to hamper the local NGO and women cooperative sanitary napkins producing units in India?
    Dick de Jong

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